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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Pink is Masculine

Do you like pink.  It is said the only men who can carry off pink are Italians.  The English just think they do. 

Do you think pink can be masculine.  These guys seem to think it is... 

Slick Michael Pichler

Michael Pichler


Italia: Francesco dell'Uomo, Aquatics Worlds

Diving competition is rapidly coming to a close at the FINA World Championships.  However, we still have the 10-Meter Platform to go this weekend, and it's one of the most popular events.  Stay tuned!

... plus veteran 10-Meter Platform diver, Francesco Dell'Uomo of Italy.  Watch for his results this weekend.
Name: Francesco Dell'Uomo
Date of Birth: January 8, 1987 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Colleferro, Italy
Height/Weight: 5'7"/132 lbs
Sport: Diving
--- 2004 Olympics 9th place, 10-Meter Platform
--- 2007 World Championships 12th place, 10-Meter Platform
--- 2012 Olympics 27th place, 10-Meter Platform

Friday, July 31, 2015

Time for Wrasslin

SPAR by Brent

Not sure where the names comes from, but these hot jocks from Great Britain will make you think of nothing else. 





The Coronation: New Andrew Christian Video

New Andrew Christian Video:  The Coronation.  

Who needs drag when you got hot dudes with great bulges in gladiator garb...  Pharoah never had it so good...  

Watch this now!  It will put you in the mood, no?


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