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Friday, November 21, 2014

NCAA Water Polo Finals!

 It's a huge weekend for NCAA Water Polo, with the conference championships going on at three different sites.   

This year's host teams are Long Beach State (MPSF), Loyola Marymount (WWPA), and Navy (CWPA), with the winner at each of those sites moving on to next month's NCAA tournament at UC San Diego.  

 Stay tuned for all the exciting results!

2014 NCAA Water Polo Rankings, November 19

1              UCLA
2              Stanford
3              Southern California
T4           Long Beach State
T4           California
6              UC San Diego
7              Pacific
8              Princeton
9              UC Irvine
10           Pepperdine
11           Brown
12           UC Santa Barbara
13           Bucknell
14           UC Davis
15           Air Force
16           Santa Clara
17           Loyola Marymount
18           Harvard
19           St. Francis (N.Y.)
T20         Whittier
T20         Navy

... plus #4-ranked Long Beach State water polo in action.  

 Can they leverage off their home pool advantage this weekend?

Bodybuilder Brad Askam

Competition Bodybuilder: Brad Askam

--- 2012 Jay Cutler Desert Classic, 2nd place (Lightweight)
--- 2009 USA Championships, 7th place (Lightweight)

NFL Update 11-20-14

After seven long years as a backup quarterback, for various teams, Cardinals quarterback Drew Stanton may have now come into his own.  He had started a few games this season already but has now been elevated to starting quarterback, following Carson Palmer's season-ending injury.  

And, the Cardinals are none the worse off for it either, as he engineered wins in both of their games since then.  

Do watch for him as the remainder of the NFL season unfolds!
Name: Drew Stanton
Date of Birth: May 7, 1984 (Taurus)
Hometown: Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA
Height/Weight: 6'3"/243 lbs
College: Michigan State (2007)
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Position: Quarterback

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Not too many Lax fans have been posting recently.  Used to be it was fairly popular...  

Here are a few pics of this native American sport... 

If you want to see more LAX pics, comment below! 

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