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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A sliver of silver

Armin Zoeggeler
 Adam Coussins
Gus Kenworthy
Alexander Karpov
Billy Reilich
Bruno Mars
Garrett Overbey
Kris Koslop
Ray Luis
River Viiperi

In Your Calvins

Aitor Ferron
Ben Todd
Brandon Yates
Carlos Aguiar
Chase Isaacs
Chessman Medeiros
 Sportsfans:  Calvin Klein has reigned for decades as a tastemaker.  

Do you Calvin? 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


 Pedro Arnon
Trevor Signorino

Kris Evans a.k.a. Csaba Szigeti

 Here are a few pics of Kris Evans, doing something different from what we are all used to... 

Name: Kris Evans (Real name Csaba Szigeti)
Birthday: May 2, 1986, Nagyatad, Hungary
Body Type: Smoking Hot Muscle Jock
Height: 6’1
Shoe Size: 14 (rumored)

Monday, April 24, 2017

All Slick and Shiny

Cristiano Ronaldo
Daniele Mazzola
Dmitry Averyanov
Emanuele Maringola
Eric Coy
Evan Wade
Fabio Ide
Marc André Laparé
Francois Sagat
Franky Cammarata
Gareth Taylor
Garrett Overbey
From the famous to the unknown...  All slick and shiny...