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Friday, May 04, 2007

Silly quizzes

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

What kind of food are you?

You Are Chinese Food

Exotic yet ordinary.
People think they've had enough of you, but they're back for more in an hour.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Rain here, snow in some parts of the country. Cold. What happened to the great Spring that seemed to be here?

I don't know about the whole global warming thing, but I do know that if I hear one more person question Global Warming because of this late Winter weather, I'll tear my hair out.

OK, guys, not literally. I do have a great head of hair, shaved almost everywhere else...
Today's mood, overall of the weather this week, seems to be black and white.

I love black and white and also sepia tones. There is so much flexibility there, and they reveal tones and facets of the skin, um, the subject that otherwise would be missing altogether.

Well, not much for today, I'll leave you with the pictures...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Speedo Who?

I've never had an official blog before. Sure, I've done things on multiply. I've published on I've moderated and do moderate groups through google and yahoo. I had a moblog on Yafro and am a moderator on Orfay. Still, as a blog qua blog, I've never done this before.

So, I may suck at it, don't know yet. You'll have to give me some input and advice, most of you seem pretty good at that. Over time I want to get better and to produce quality work. Let me know how it's going.

I've stuck with the same screenname I've had on the 'net for about 10 years: Speedorex. You know, I like to swim, and I can't stand swimming with 6 yards of cloth hanging off my frame in the water. Sure, there are drag suits, but some of these board shorts go overboard. No pun intended. As an aussie told me: board shorts are meant for the board, speedos and other swimsuits are meant for swimming. Get used to it... Can you imagine playing water polo or speed swimming, or being a triathlete in a board short? No, of course not... About 80 years ago women were able to drop the hefty skirts and bloomers they used to have to wear at the beach in favor of something brief and functional. About the same time, men were able to give up their suits, which at the time look something like modern day cycling kit, in favor of briefs also... Pull up a pic of Andy Rooney, a popular '40s teen actor, in a swimsuit, and you'll see him in a very brief suit. Ditto Burt Lancaster... Now it seems at least men have regressed...

In addition to my swim passion I really like cycling, tennis, and football. I mostly am able to cycle and swim, and I also get into lifting quite a bit. I love to watch cycling, too, as well as football... I stay away from professional wrestling on TV, but like to watch the occasional college match... Once in a while I play an inning of golf... Yeah, I know it's called a round... I also like college basketball, but the NBA usually makes me want to vomit. No real sport there, just showing off...

I think cycling is abused because it is not the most popular sport in any country where it is run. Also, there are no arenas for road races, so no admission can be charged, no signs sold in the arena, so it is not a huge moneymaker. Cycling has done more than any other sport to root out and punish dopers, and has the most stringent and draconian means. By draconian, I mean that many of the normal legal protections given even to suspects are completely lacking as regards cyclists. Not normally a union advocate, I would hope someday pro cyclists could unionize to at least have a voice int he process. As you can tell, I have no strong opinions about anything... hehehe