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Thursday, March 22, 2012

How do you stand on the Tim Tebow Saga?

What do you think of the recent trade of the Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets? 

The situation reminds me of the Minnesota Vikings saga with Brett Favre a few years ago.  Green Bay said they needed to build for the future, and were cutting Favre loose and then refused to release him if he was to go to Minnesota.  A year later the Vikings got him.  He played well for a year, but was a flash in the pan, leaving the Vikings nothing to build on.

The Broncos season was rescued last year by Tim Tebow for better or for worse, now, the Broncos are investing beaucoup bucks in Peyton Manning, who at best is at the end of his career, and cutting Tebow loose.  Do you think Manning, however great he has been, will be a flash in the pan?

Is this better or worse for the Broncos?  For the Jets?

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rugbysex said...

i like american football...more so college than the NFL. the NFL is all about biz and making money. it changes the game. some might say that college ball is getting more and more like the NFL and that's sad.
i know this is a test. no one said it's easy. i hope Tebow's faith sustains him during this shabby treatment. i wish life was's not. i hope this test makes tim stronger. i hope he takes the Jets to the superbowl and wins. wherever he is, for whomever he plays, i wish him well.

Gino said...

I think Tebow is the flash. He might do well for a season or 2 but I believe you will not be hearing about him for much longer

Rex said...

Well said on both parts