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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


In their first head-to-head contest of these Olympic Games on Saturday, Ryan Lochte won  the gold medal in the 400 metre swimming event. Olympian Michael Phelps failed to capture a place on the medals podium, finishing a disappointing fourth.

There was some speculation that Phelps had had a rough night on Friday, even though he skipped the opening ceremonies he obviously found something to do.  BUT he came back to acquit himself with his performance in the 4x100 metre relays. 


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glen0330 said...

It is a shame Ryan Lochte is so stuck on himself. I thought he was hot until he started his interviews and bragging it was his time. I would kick him out of bed...but only so I could fuck him on the floor.

rugbysex said...

say what you will about egos (don't believe everything you read), i'm a huge fan of both blokes. they do us proud!