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Friday, November 02, 2012

Who we are

Some of you belong to Omnisport, some to Triathletepix, even others visit the Speed o' Rex blog once in a while.  Each of these, while of course sharing some things in common, namely some of my posts, is also different. 

Omnisport has the incomparable (other) Rex and Joe and Lee, and other members, who do a great job of sharing, and (other) Rex keeps us all updated on the latest NCAA or MLB, etc.  Omnisport would be a different place without or Rexswimguy. 

Brent Rollins posts great posts with some frequency to Triathletepix, and there are occasional polls and other interests. 

The Speed o'Rex blog, of course, does repost some of what has been posted at the groups, but sometimes many months later so it seems new, but also has much original content, as well as links on both sides of the pics to the latest sports stories, comments, and other great blogs.

So, if you have only visited one lately, have fun, get yourself over to one of the others.  The links are often below my name, as they are today! 


rugbysex said...

and what YOU are is pretty damned special!

bsignacio said...

me gusto mucho tu blog, pasa por el mio !!