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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enjoying Mardi Gras?

If you haven't been celebrating Mardi Gras yet, it's way beyond time to start.

Germans have been celebrating Fasching since January 7th, the Carnavale is ongoing in Venice, even New Orleans has ongoing krewes

New Orleans will take a week off for the Super Bowl, which is quite the traveling party itself, but will be resuming to get all the partying and feasting in before Ash Wednesday commences at midnight of Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday itself, February 12. 

In New Orleans, at Midnight of Fat Tuesday, the Fire Department hoses down the streets, the police go through the party district and yell at people "go home."  Fat Tuesday is the end of the feasting, not the start.  Lent has then begun.

Even if you are not religious  self denial is good for you, no pain, no gain, right?  Have fun until Mardi Gras, then start to get in shape for Spring and Summer... 

1 comment:

rugbysex said...

i've been trying to decide whether to give up sex or watermelons for Lent. watermelons are out of season...wanna wager which i'll give up? :)

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