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Saturday, January 19, 2013

NCAA Football Update

The NCAA Football season came to its exciting annual finish last week with the BCS Championship Game in Miami.  And, this year's result was very much distinguished by its lopsidedness, as the Alabama Crimson Tide totally dominated, from beginning to end. (!)
2013 BCS Championship Game, January 7
Alabama 42, Notre Dame 14
... plus, junior quarterback for Alabama, #10 AJ McCarron, who has now guided his team to back-to-back BCS championships.  Watch for him next season too, as he has signaled that he will indeed be back at Alabama to finish out his eligibility there.
P.S. Much as McCarron's celebrity is based on his accomplishments on the field, he is now almost as well known for his courtship of Miss Alabama USA, Katherine Webb (whose bikini-clad photos you can find all over the Internet these days -- tee hee).

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