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Saturday, January 12, 2013

NFL Update for Amateurs by Rexswimguy

Not all of us care about Football,  but Rexswimguy, writing for Omnisport, gives us enough  to follow those water cooler conversations!  Here's his latest post: 
The NFL Post-Season rolls on this weekend, with a big doubleheader both today and tomorrow.

2013 NFL Post-Season - Divisional Playoffs
(Eastern Time)
Saturday, January 12
4:30 PM: Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos, CBS
8:00 PM: Green Bay Packers @ San Francisco 49ers, FOX
Sunday, January 13
1:00 PM: Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons, FOX
4:30 PM: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots, CBS
As usual, all the pundits have their favorites to go all the way.  And, the Packers are a perennial favorite too, so watch for them in tonight's prime-time feature.
... starting quarterback for the Packers, #12 Aaron Rodgers:

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