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Monday, February 04, 2013

Be Original

Hey Cyclefans, Swimfans, Sportsfans:

The  problem:  visiting a blog and finding reposts from Omnisport, Triathletepix or here, under the same title.

Explanation:  As you know, most of the photos posted here are from the web or other sources, repackaged and posted here for your enjoyment. 

Many of my posts and posts from other members of Omnisport make their way eventually onto the blog here, as well as much never before seen material.
You are encouraged to visit and comment here on the blog. 

You will certainly want to reprint some of these pics on your own blogs.  That's great.  If you do please make sure to be original.  Some of the titles are cheesy enough, please don't repeat them for your own blogs. 

Download and share pics and participate in the discussion, but when you repost:

Be Original! 

That is all.

Bloggers:  It would be great to hear of your experiences, in comments below or by email.

Enjoy the pics:

1 comment:

rugbysex said...

i could think of so many ways to be original w/ a certain someone who shall remain nameless. :)