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Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Matthew Stone was born in 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia where he was raised until 2009.  

In that year he moved to Florida to start a new life and try out the world. 

Matt’s first big modelling job was being featured on 
Seeing great potential, AAG presented him to a few prospective clients in the fitness and entertainment industry. 

The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and quickly, he secured his ticket to the modelling world when he graced the cover of DNA Magazine (issue 112).
Matt’s hobbies include motor biking and staying fit. He's a perfectionist in every way and likes to keep things neat. We like to see him keep things neat, don't you agree?


rugbysex said...

probably my all time fave photo of a guy i a speedo is matt stone in a a very brief red speedo w/ a swiss army knife type white cross on it. great pix! many thanks!

Issam 22 Harkat said...

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