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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Nick Ayler

Nick Ayler is a model and professional deejay born April 29 1987,  and raised in Buffalo, New York.

He began deejaying at the age of 15 in upstate New York at nightclubs, Lounges, and Events, and his career has taken off from there...

Always an inspiration.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Under Armour... HOT

Topher DiMaggio

"I only wish UA made my body look like the guys in these pics.  Well, that's the dream, right?"

We talk a lot about speedos and singlets and jockstraps in this group.  I'd like to post about a different garment now.  It's not a single garment but a brand.  

Under Armor, also called UA, started several years ago. It's made from a technical fabric that not only shapes the wearer's muscles but supports them as well.  The fabric is breathable and comfortable and very lightweight.  

They started in the athletic underwear arena and branched out when their popularity boomed.  

I now own UA socks, polo shirts, gloves, caps, along with the standards.  

I've found great examples of guys wearing UA to show.