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Friday, March 21, 2014

Hot Model Ryan Bertroche

Ryan Bertroche is an American model from Iowa.  Born in 1991 in the "Quad Cities" he grew up in a rural area, and attended High  School in a place called "Pleasant Valley."  Apparently they grow them good looking in Iowa. 

Ryan, who stands at 6'1", has brown hair and blue eyes.  Bertroche has appeared in high gloss fashion mags such as "V magazine", "Arena Homme Plus", "Vogue Homme Japan", "Out Magazine", and "Sports and Style", strutting for "Gucci", "Calvin Klein", "D&G" and "Dior Homme".   He is unafraid to wear "high gloss" fabrics, and looks good in anything.

For fun, Bertroche enjoys wakeboarding, dirt bike riding and skateboarding.

Enjoy these pics.

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