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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mr. International 2010: Ryan Terry

“Ryan tells his story around winning the Mister International Title” 2010

I was a 21 year old plumber who was fortunate enough to be crowned Mr Great Britain and took my modelling passion to another level beating 40 other countries for the prestigious title of Mister International 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In addition to the main title, I won the revered title of ‘Best Body’ beating off the majority of seasoned and professional models during the glamorous 2 hour pageant comprising of Swimwear, National costume, Indonesian Costume and formal wear.

I was crowned by 2009 title holder, Bruno Kettels of Bolivia, in front of a delighted 1000 VIP TICKETED strong audience and broadcast to over 200 million viewers around the World.

My prizes include cash prizes for the titles, a years salaried world wide appearance schedule, accommodation in Singapore and numerous additional sponsors prizes including a designer wardrobe, fashion and hair stylists, photographer and a nutritionist.

The popularity of Mister International has been likened to that of X Factor in the UK, I am the first European to win the Mister International title, receiving congratulations from across the globe and my face and body already appearing on billboards in Indonesia.

The win was a huge milestone in my quest to turn from plumbing to a career in modelling. The support and excitement around this event in Asia was massive, the Indonesians compare it to X Factor – I just hope that people here in the UK get to hear about another win for Great Britain and celebrate.

My two biggest fan’s at the Mister International event was my mum Annette and the Princess of Indonesia, Rialto Rhiannon Cartwright, who was waving the Union Jack flag throughout the competition.

Over the year commencing up to the pageant I had done some modelling work with local modelling agencies and TV adverts, which had prepared me for entering some of the bigger events such as Mister Great Britain and Mister International 2010

(from his website)

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