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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bruno Miranda

Bruno Miranda is a Spanish athlete and model from the Island of Grand Canary in the Canary Island. 

He lists the highest mountain peak in that island chain "Teide"  as his "hometown" not sure if that is true or represents his aspirations to climb the highest modeling mountains..... 

He is not to be confused with Bruno "Robusto" Miranda, a Brazilian MMA fighter, or Bruna Miranda, one hot chick and model. 


Xersex said...

very sexy, born for modeling!

Roberto T said...

Gorgeous body, and wonderful bulge. And very hot man, not only a coat hanger. I am Canarian too (not canary, like Tweety), and we consider Teide as a spiritual symbol, not only a rock (just like Greeks about Olympus). Mike Oldfiel created one of his best compositions dedicated to this sacred mount. Well, perhaps Bruno sees himself as a spiritual guy. I hope he will prefer to continue his modeling carreer instead to join a monastery... Greetings, guys :-)

Rex said...

Roberto T: Thanks for the great comments. Appreciate them!