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Friday, April 25, 2014

Surfing and Staying

Do you like it around here?  Do you like what we do?  Do you just surf on by, or do you stay a while, and encourage friends to come too?

While not NPR, I am inspired by the coming Spring to start a membership drive (!)  I think we have good, active groups/blog, and I want to share the goodness with others. 

which is perhaps the least active of the groups, has the most members at 1750.  It would be great to hold that number constant or to increase it slightly in its 10th anniversary year!    We also encourage members to post when they can.
Our very active and great group Omnisport, filled with sports pics and conversation, thanks to our most active members Joe and RexSwimGuy and Rugbysex (in memoriam), Swimdave, Mac, AJ, AL, ASC, Boigen and many others.  It is a lively place to be for pics, and for short sound bytes which will fill in your office conversation around the office water cooler.

Even if you detest most sports, the pics are nice, and RSG's updates on NCAA, NFL, MLB, MLS, etc. will give you a phrase or snatch to drop into the conversation to feel like a real sports stud.  Omnisport has just under 950 members.  It sure would be great to share the group with enough people to reach 1000.!forum/omnisport

 The blog,  Speed o Rex
Has many active users, and reaches between 3000 and 4000 people per day, and upwards of 8000 daily visits during the Olympics,  for which we are quite proud.  Some of the blog posts are reworked posts from the groups, and so occasionally some old emails from Lee/Rugbysex are still being scheduled for posting.  There are just under 900 enrolled at the blog, we would also like to get that up about 1000.  There is a button on the blog to share posts with your own social media.  We encourage you to "join" the blog, and to share it with others. 

So, thanks to everyone for including us in your "surfing" of the web.  Enjoy the surfing pictures.  Stay a while if you like and invite others to join in our stimulating fun! 

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... fascinating statistics! And, I would guess that the Yahoo groups are a little more "discoverable" than the Google groups. Conversely, the Google groups may be a little more "friendly" to use.

Xersex said...

marvellous men! I love your love for sport men! They're so sexy and well shaped!!!

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Have a nice weekend!

Hot Men From Central America Isabel A said...

Keep up the good work around speedos and sports!