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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Leather Fashion

Colby Lefebvre
Joao Almeida
Renato Ferreira
Santiago Peralta
Kevin Baker
Dave Brett
Garry Chauviat
Today leather has specific meaning in menswear, which it didn't have through history. 

The Fashion Encyclopedia describes menswear thus:

For men, the most common accessories were a belt, a sword, and a pair of gloves. Men wore a simple leather belt from which they hung their sword, an item that no gentleman would do without. The sword might be highly ornamented, with its sheath and handle bearing jewels or other decoration. Men also tucked their leather gloves into their belt...  Men wore rings, long dangling neck chains, pendants, and even jeweled earrings.

We see some of this in period pieces, movies and such, we see some of this in current derivative men's fashion...  leather as fetish, fad,  opera, or normal wear...  

3 comments: said...

... spread-eagle on a motorcycle wearing a leather jockstrap. Who could argue with that look?

Xersex said...

I'm not so much into leather, even if I know men look wilder! but to be honest, I prefer baremen!!!

anything fits better than nothing

Stan said...

Love the very first pic!