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Saturday, May 24, 2014

NBA Finals Update

by Rexswimguy

You've got FIVE straight nights of basketball coming up, should you choose to partake, as the NBA Conference Finals continue. (!)
2014 NBA Playoffs - Conference Finals
(Eastern Time)
Saturday, May 24
8:30 PM: Indiana Pacers (1-1) @ Miami Heat (1-1), ESPN
Sunday, May 25
8:30 PM: San Antonio Spurs (2-0) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (0-2), TNT
Monday, May 26
8:30 PM: Indiana Pacers (1-1) @ Miami Heat (1-1), ESPN
Tuesday, May 27
9:00 PM: San Antonio Spurs (2-0) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (0-2), TNT
Wednesday, May 28
8:30 PM: Miami Heat (1-1) @ Indiana Pacers (1-1), ESPN
Can the Pacers put any heat on the Heat at home?  We'll see tonight.

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