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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Costa Rica over Italy: World Cup

 by Rexswimguy

On Friday, Costa Rica earned their way into the Round of 16 with an exciting 1-0 win over Italy.  On Saturday, we get to see ... yet another great World Cup triple-header. (!)
2014 FIFA World Cup - Group Stage
(Eastern Time)
Friday, June 20
Costa Rica 1, Italy 0
France 5, Switzerland 2
Ecuador 2, Honduras 1
Saturday, June 21
11:30 AM: Argentina (1-0-0) vs. Iran (0-1-0), ESPN
2:30 PM: Germany (1-0-0) vs. Ghana (0-0-1), ESPN
5:30 PM: Nigeria (0-1-0) vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina (0-0-1), ESPN
... plus Costa Rica and their great win Friday afternoon.  What do they do for an encore?


Anonymous said...

Costa Rica surprised everybody! Way to go Costa Rica!

We also posted something related to this.

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Stan said...

both teams have hot looking players.