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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Video: Andrew Christian's Angels vs. Demons

New Video from Andrew Christian:  Angels vs. Demons.  

Can you call that eye candy?


Stan said...

I saw Andrew Christian on an episode Millionaire Match Maker. I wasn't impressed.

Roberto T said...

Great! Perhaps one of the best A. C.'s videos ever. Oh, my God, even with dark wings, I'm still seeing Topher as an angel,... well, better saying, like an impish Cupid. Just adorable! Greetings, guys.

Xersex said...

I locve Topher Di Maggio too! so sexy!!! I'll use this video me too for my blog

Rex said...

Stan, you always seem to have the inside info. "Talent" is always talent, egotistical, etc.... right? But the pics and video, always nice.