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Friday, August 08, 2014

NFL's Andy Dalton of the Bengals

by Rexswimguy

The Cincinnati Bengals must be truly satisfied with their starting quarterback, #14 Andy Dalton, as they closed on a 6-year, $115 million contract with him this week.  

And, it's true that his stats are off the charts and that his team's record has improved each of the three years he's been with the Bengals.  

Could the best be yet to come?
... Andy Dalton, the $115 million man.  Do watch for him this season.
Name: Andy Dalton
Date of Birth: October 29, 1987 (Scorpio)
Hometown: Katy, Texas, USA
Height/Weight: 6'2"/220 lbs
College: TCU (2011)
Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Position: Quarterback

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