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Saturday, August 16, 2014


I don't think I could be Superman
I'm sort of scared of heights
I'd sort of like to be Spiderman
But I'm afraid of spider bites

I suppose I could be Wolverine
But I'm afraid people would stare
I'd consider being the Incredible Hulk
But radition's bad for your hair

The fantastic four, now there's a thought
But I'm not sure that's for me
Ben's too ugly, Johnny too hot
And Sue I just can't see

Maybe though I could be Reed
And lead the other three
Well maybe Reed's a bit of a stretch
I can barely take care of me

Captain America, him perhaps
I love his mighty shield
But I fear I'm not brave enough
When things get rough, I yield

If I could be a superhero
I wonder which I'd be
Or maybe it's time I tried to find
The hero inside of me

Steve Lazarowitz

1 comment:

Xersex said...

love those heroes