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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Magyar Canoe Attila Vajda!

Canoeing is one sport that probably deserves more hype than it gets. (!)

... renowned sprint canoer Attila Vajda.  

He's got a stash of international medals that's second to none.
Name: Attila Vajda
Date of Birth: March 17, 1983 (Pisces)
Hometown: Szeged, Hungary
Height/Weight: 5'10"/181 lbs
Sport: Sprint Canoe
--- 2013 World Championships gold medalist, C-1 1000m
--- 2011 World Championships gold medalist, C-1 1000m
--- 2008 Olympic gold medalist, C-1 1000m
--- 2007 World Championships gold medalist, C-1 1000m


Xersex said...

he's a typical guy of centre/est Europe, slavic one!

Xersex said...

another type is Pavel Novotny!
from Praga!
so you can see how sexy can be slavic people! said...

Ah ha ... another Pavel Novotny fan! We are an elite group indeed.