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Sunday, November 23, 2014

There's just something about Track Stars

Valentin Lavillenie
Clay Ardoin
LaVillenie Bros, Renaud et Valentin
 Logan Ponder
Romain Barras
Romain Mesnil
Valentin Neraudeau
Markus Pöyhönen
Isn't there?  Something about track stars?  the bods, the shoes, the feats?


Xersex said...

better nothinf like #11

Hot Men From Central America said...

Do you know the name of the French guy?

Rex said...

The two French guys here are Renaud Lavillenie and Romain Barras. Romain Barras is a decathlete. There are more pics of both by clicking on the labels.

Hot Men From Central America said...


Belami fan said...

Valentin Neraudeau is also a french gay cooker.