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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NCAA Soccer Champs! Virginia wins in Shootout

by Rexswimguy:

It took a 4-2 shootout, following a scoreless double-overtime standoff, but the Virginia Cavaliers did finally prevail on Sunday to become our 2014 NCAA Soccer champions.  (It doesn't get a lot closer than that!)
SHOOTOUT RESULTSVIRGINIA: Todd Wharton/Y Scott Thomsen/N Sam Hayward/Y Patrick Foss/Y Riggs Lennon/Y 
UCLA: Brian Iloski/Y Gage Zerboni/N Willie Raygoza/N Larry Ndjock/Y 
Virginia wins shootout 4-2
And, note that Virginia is no stranger to the soccer championship, as this was their seventh NCAA title.  Given their juxtaposition in what is likely the most fertile prep soccer recruitment territory in the country, they have a major leg up in this sport.

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