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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Australian Open of Tennis! Featuring Kazakhstan's Evgeny Korolev

January gives tennis fans something to look forward to every year, as the Australian Open marks the end of the long drought in Grand Slam tournaments from the previous summer.  And, this year's edition of the Australian Open will begin on the 19th, with the draw to be announced on the 16th, so be attentive!
The Australian Open also provides a welcome annual escape from the Northern Hemisphere winter for many of the players, which means some extracurricular fun in the sun.  E.g., Evgeny Korolev of Kazakhstan getting ready for some "cross-training" in the surf:


Xersex said...

very nice? why has he some white under his eyes?

Rex said...

I don't know. Surfers used to wear a white cream on their nose to prevent severe burning. I think he is being playful and spreading it all over.