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Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Andrew Christian Video (and some critique)

Most of us thought that twerking is no longer a thing, 
am I right?  

It IS still a thing at Andrew Christian, as seen in this video.  It is in many ways Andrew Christian's bread and butter

Not meaning to be critical, I love my Andrew Christian stuff, but much of Andrew Christian's menswear is getting too far out there for the normal or now for even the select customer. Am I right? I could do without the androgynous Nazi blond boys, with their flags and attitude.  

What are your thoughts?

In any case, these Christians are very pretty to look at.  The models are buff; everyone is in great shape... and Andrew Christian still makes some very comfortable, and revealing styles, which fit in every wardrobe.  Pushing the limits but still great. 



Xersex said...

I saw the video closely and to me it seems always in style of AC. Sexy and fun as well!

Buddy Bear said...

My only complaint about the video is that they didn't show enough close up front views of those lovely bulges.

ZobàDada said...

Andrew Christian videos are still very enjoyable to watch.
Hot and handsome guys, big bulges.
Very exiting !

The New Flops Boy said...

Yea, I could do without the Nazi boys...but otherwise very hot and fun! I hear you, but I think AC is just trying to keep things fresh...


Rex said...

Very much agreed NFB!