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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Speedos and the NFL, what could be better?

A couple of Miami Dolphins fans got into a dust-up with the security guards at the stadium, when they showed up at the game in their Dolphin turquoise speedos, or mebbe took off their shorts when they reached their seats, revealing team speedos...   

They had been tailgating in their speedos prior to the game with no complaints, and after inquiries from security, were finally allowed to continue watching the game, and getting a great tan at the same time. 

Besides, they said, the Dolphins win when they show up in speedos... the team loses without speedo intervention.  Sounds right to me.  No harm, no foul, right?  Check out the video, above.  

Reports that the security guard withdrew after they had exchanged phone numbers are exaggerated. 


Super Fotos G said...

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Super Fotos G said...

It doesn't hurt anything, of course, that he's totally ripped. (!)

Xersex said...

so sexy gyuy, but what a pity for his beard!

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bignate said...

Naked football would be better. Now that I'd watch!