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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hunky Aaron Schock Resigns

Illinois sources are reporting that easy on the eyes Aaron Schock has announced that he is resigning his position as U.S. Congressman, effective at the end of March.  

Congressman Schock began his political career just out of high school.  He quickly moved up by election as a token Republican on a local school board, Chairman of the school board, and then  Illinois State Representative.  He was just elected, in a landslide win, to his fourth term as a member of the House of Representative, representing his home district of Peoria. 

Schock has a flawless body, and has worked out daily for many years.  He was featured shirtless on the cover of Men's Health Magazine.  He also is very savvy at the use of modern media, and doesn't hesitate to show off his latest selfie, sometimes showing off his flawless pecs, shirtless, in all their shaved and oiled glory.  

He also has a very, shall we say, continental sense of style and fashion.  Because of this Italian flair, and sculpted body, he is often accused of being a homosexual.  For a few years the crescendo from some of our fellow bloggers and media mavens has grown and grown that he should "out" himself.  

Mores the pity that men have to hold back from being fashionable, fearing accusations of being gay.  Have we not moved beyond that?  Wouldn't the world be a better place if more men, straight or gay, showed off their peacock side once in a while?  unselfconsciously wearing a speedo, espadrilles or a turquoise belt?  Does self loathing vitriol always have to be aimed at men with style? 

Gay or straight, the crescendo of media disapproval  has grown in recent weeks, furious that Schock has been a man of the world, bon vivant, and bachelor around town,  traveling to far flung places of the world to attend or present at international conferences.  While in those places, he has also spent some vacation time in other nearby countries, and has posted pictures of himself in the Aegean and Argentina.  Did someone say Michelle Obama and the girls? 

Some of his costs to the taxpayer have been questioned, not as illegal expenses, but as a bit excessive.  Recently his office on Capitol Hill was redone in Edwardian style, replete with etchings, lithographs and gilt frames, arranged by an aide and a designer to be in the style of one of the rooms at Downton Abbey. 


Whatever the next phase of his life brings, it should be interesting if he, indeed, outs himself, gets married, or makes some other declaration.  Perhaps he will establish a business to give fashion tips to other politicians, who are sorely in need...  Watch this space for updates on this enigmatic personality. 

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Illinois, unfortunately, has had more than its share of political scandals.

Xersex said...

#3 love this pic