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Friday, March 20, 2015

Totti: Italia

Francesco Totti is an Italian Association footballer who plays for, and captains, Italian Series A club "Roma."  His primary playing positions are those of an attacking midfielder or supporting forward, but he has also successfully played striker or winger.    He has played his entire career for Roma, and is the most lauded player in team history.

Totti was born in Rome on 27 September 1976, and has lived his entire life in the city.  He began playing for the Roma youth squad in 1989, after his mother spurned an offer for him to play for AC Milan.  He began to play for the senior squad at Roma in 1992, and at that time also began playing for various age appropriate Italia national teams.  He has played exclusively at the top level national team since 1998.  He has been recognized as the most popular player of Association Football in Europe, which puts him in world class, really, with players like Pele and Maradona. 

Totti is often referred by various nicknames in the Italian press.  He has been called Il Bimbo d'Oro (The Golden Boy), Il Re di Roma (The King of Rome), and in the Roman dialect Er Pupone (The Big Baby), as well as Il Gladiatore (The Gladiator) by the Italian sports media.   Totti is currently the top active Serie A goalscorer and second all-time in league history

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