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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Totti Stats and Quotes

 "Totti is the god of football. I saw him play when he was 16 and he was a phenomenon, he knew to do everything: passes, shoots, free kicks, penalties." - Sandro Mazzola

"Because I grew up playing for Roma and I want to die playing for Roma, because I have always been a Roma's fan!"

Answering the question: "Francesco, why don't you play for another team for two or three years in order to win something more?" From the TV show "Controcampo" 4/18/2007.

Date of birth:  Sep 27, 1976 in Roma  
Age: 38
Nationality:  Italy
Height: 1,80 m
In the team since: Jan 1, 1993  
Contract until: 30.06.2016  
Current club: AS Roma  
Position: Secondary Striker  
Players' agents: Riccardo Totti  
Previous  National player:   Italy

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