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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

France: Renaud Lavillenie, Pole Vault

For Renaud Lavillenie, life has just kept getting better and better. 

Previous posts showed him winning the Pole Vaulting Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympics.   In our last post, from September, 2014 (for his birthday!) we wrote of his breaking of the absolute world record for the Pole Vault with a height of 6.16 metres set indoors on 15 February 2014. 

What we did not mention (it was his birthday after all) was that as he attempted to go even 5 cm higher, he fell, and one caught one spike shoe on his other ankle, leaving a four inch gash and putting him out of competition for a few months as the stitches healed.  His return to Charles de Gaulle Airport, however, was triumphant, with all of the press standing by.   He was awarded the French Legion of Honor that April.  He was also awarded French Male Athlete of the Year for 2014.  

Renaud returned to competition at the famous Drake University Relays, held in Des Moines, Iowa, at the end of April, 2014,  where he won the pole vault event with a jump of 5.70 m.   

Renaud continues to compete in 2015, he came in first in the European Indoor championships, held in Prague, Czech Republic. 

He is now  joined at the elite level by his brother Valentin (watch for a separate post).  We wish the best for these two brothers, teammates in the world of Pole Vaulting!

2 comments: said...

... very inspiring. And, it's a good way to get us prepped for the World Championships in Athletics this summer.

Xersex said...

he could be a model