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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trevor Adams

I have been posin' for the camera independently for over 10 years now and do enjoy it mostly as a hobby. Along the way, I've met a lot of wonderful Photographers that have assisted me in capturing my efforts in the gym . I have been influenced by many people throughout time however, I don't let others nor the industry dictate what I do. I have never been represented by an agency, nor do I want to. I don't live in NY or LA for a reason (too expensive), and have enjoyed my modeling successes thus far, taking select gigs and shooting with select Photographers, here and there.

I am shy and modest (despite what the pictures may convey), but I want to document my progress in the gym - hence the number of pics that I have taken. I don't like to show off on stage (this is the modesty part), so I don't compete. I also don't like being stared at because I get nervous being around a lot of people, (and it's rude).

I am proof that you don't have to live in the big 'modeling cities' - nor be repped by a talent agency, or that it's okay to have adult oriented pictures out there and can still make a name for yourself. If you're a Photographer and we haven't shot yet, maybe I just haven't heard of you or I just haven't been to your city in a while. Drop an email and introduce yourself, maybe we can make a shoot happen sooner rather than later. Keeping in mind that I want to shoot with the industry's top Photographers, I do not have the time nor desire to shoot with amateur Photographers. If you are new to the business and just picked up a camera last week and started shooting pics of your dog/cat or your work hasn't evolved in the few years you have been shooting - you are amateur, respectfully ;-)

- From his Model Mayhem page


Xersex said...

don't you think he's too bodybuilded? said...

Looks kinda perfect to me.