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Thursday, September 24, 2015

RexSwimGuy's Birthday

Did Y'all really forget the birthday of favorite site author Rexswimguy, celebrated Monday, but here, all week long.

Join us in expressing appreciation for our masterful mentor of mentionable sports facts, and some gr3eat pics too! Without him, we would also be speechless at the water cooler, with him, we can jock it up with the next bloke... 

So, thanks so much, dear friend Rexswimguy, and

Happy Birthday, RexSwimGuy! 


Roberto T said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, Rex. Nice to join you in this magical adventure. The best wishes for you. _ÍÍÍÍ_

muscleman.4me said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Rex!! i don`t get the web site home page very often, or i would have offered my Birthday Salutations a lot sooner. thank for all your posts too!! i enjoy them all, very much!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

Xersex said...

sure! Happy birthday from Xersex &