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Friday, October 30, 2015

Baseball: World Series Update!

by Rexswimguy:
With the Mets down two games to zip, the World Series moves on to New York now.  Will the friendly confines of Citi Field jump-start the Mets' chances?  Watch this weekend and see.

2015 Major League Baseball - World Series
(Eastern Time)

Tuesday, October 27 - Game 1
Kansas City Royals 5, New York Mets 4

Wednesday, October 28 - Game 2
Kansas City Royals 7, New York Mets 1

Friday, October 30 - Game 3
8:00 PM: Kansas City Royals @ New York Mets, FOX

Saturday, October 31 - Game 4
8:00 PM: Kansas City Royals @ New York Mets, FOX

And, this series makes for an interesting matchup between the Mets' renowned fastball pitchers and the Royals' renowned contact hitters.  Can the Mets' pitching staff get things back on track?

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