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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Army vs. Navy Football starts in 2 hours. Don't miss it!

by Rexswimguy &Speedorex

The annual Army-Navy football game traditionally marks the end of the NCAA Football Regular Season, and so it is again this year.  It stands out as the ONLY College football game this weekend, as bowl eligible teams await the mad frenzy which comes upon us in a few days. 

2015 NCAA Football Regular Season
Saturday, December 12
(Eastern Time)
3:00 PM: Army (2-9) vs. Navy (9-2), CBS

Army has now lost this contest for thirteen consecutive years, and they are very much the underdog again today.  Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?  The tunnel at West Point, by which the Army Football team reaches the field, is known as the Beat Navy Tunnel, after all.  

 Watch today and see the Army boys make mincemeat out of the Navy squad, or viceversa.  (You'll enjoy all the pageantry in any case.  After all, thousands of cadets marching to the stadium in parade formation, then standing throughout to watch the game! )