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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cycling Through

Harry Goodwins
Mark Robinson
I recently sent this message out to some former members of Athlete's Planet, which went "out of business."  I had gotten several email requests regarding joining omnisport, so I sent invites via omnisport's software!  Some of you had already joined Omnisport, so you didn't receive this:

"Athletes Planet is apparently and sadly closing, and our Joe has been posting over there for a while, so some of you have asked to join our Omnisport group.  We welcome you with a fraternal fist bump and lazy smile.  Glad to have you aboard. 
You are also welcome at our sister yahoo group,,
and at our blog,  Join us in one of the groups, or all three!"

Remember new and old members, we like athletes and sports models of all kinds, and sports and jock conversation.  Physique pics, etc. are warmly welcome too. 

"Frontal nudity" is not allowed, especially if it is clearly noticeable and the focus of the meaning of the picture.  There are plenty of porn sites for that... 
The attached cycling pics should give you a good idea of the selection around here, as well as Joe's pics, so well known at AthletesPlanet! 

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