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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dick DuBois AMG and Mr. America 1954

 AMG and Mr. America 1954.  Pretty boy!  

Richard DuBois was born on March 4, 1933, into a poor family in the Bronx borough of New York City.  At the age of 16  he started training with weights. He also took up boxing and swimming to hone his muscles. 

In 1952 DuBois decided to move to California to pursue bodybuilding and acting. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, Dick began going to bodybuilder George Eiferman’s gymnasium, and the older athlete perceived that Dubois had the makings of a really great physique star. While building his muscles, Dubois began taking acting lessons, and he appeared in Athena with Debbie Reynolds and fellow bodybuilder Steve Reeves. 

In 1954 he won the coveted Mr. America title. Dick’s picture and life story soon appeared in all the bodybuilding magazines.  

In the mid-1950s Dick DuBois was one of the most photographed of physique stars. When actress Mae West was assembling a bevy of handsome bodybuilders to appear in her Las Vegas act, DuBois was one of the first to be chosen. He traveled with the buxom West for several months.

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