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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Donny Osmond? Happy Birthday

Donny Osmond.  Kind of a strange cultural phenomenon.  A mid seventies "star" first as a young lad with the "Osmond Brothers" who were already a group before he came along, but didn't survive his stardom with his sister Marie.  They say at least two of his brothers were better singers, but like Michael Jackson before him, he garnered the attention and the heartstrings of millions of adoring pre-teen girls.  

He was truly a star, and remains a showman to this day.  On his 58th birthday, we wish him the best.  Enjoy these pics of his career, and the video...  

... and here is a video from Weird Al Yankovic featuring Donny Osmond free-styling in the background.... 

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Xersex said...

great artist! and so cute!