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Friday, December 18, 2015

Model Yadier Rodriguez

Yadier Rodriguez is a model who has appeared in the pages of DNA magazine and elsewhere. 

He grew up in Miami Beach, and maintains a life there, being one of the partners of The Lab MIA Fitness team.

Sometimes Yadier is listed as being from Brazil but that error stems from his DNA cover.  In a red circle by his head on the cover shot was a Brazilian beach name and under "Brazil's best kept secret."  Yadier is Miami through and through.  

Here are a few pics and links to videos to inspire you on your fitness journey. 


Xersex said...

very beautiful

Xersex &

Keith said...

Very hot guy--he's the center of attention even in group photos. I especially like the one in the white Speedo!

Rex said...

That's a great pic, isn't it Keith! said...

... definitely one of the all-time hottest models.

Mark in DE said...

Great looking guy!