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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Premiership Rugby Update

For those who follow rugby, you may have noticed that Premiership Rugby takes a three-week break prior to the Christmas holiday.  However, they go right back at it the day after and go straight through the winter months, so there's plenty of action coming your way.
... plus captain of the Harlequins, rugger Danny Care.  After an inexplicable demotion to third string on the national team, followed by a demoralizing performance by England in this year's World Cup, he is clawing his way back up.  Watch for him as the season unfolds.

Name: Danny Care
Date of Birth: January 2, 1987 (Capricorn)
Hometown: Leeds, England
Height/Weight: 5'7/192 lbs
Sport: Rugby
Teams: Harlequin FC, England 
Position: Scrum-half