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Friday, July 31, 2015

Time for Wrasslin

Frat tudes

Ah, those college days...

The Coronation: New Andrew Christian Video

New Andrew Christian Video:  The Coronation.  

Who needs drag when you got hot dudes with great bulges in gladiator garb...  Pharoah never had it so good...  

Watch this now!  It will put you in the mood, no?


France: Matthieu Rosset, Aquatics Worlds

by Rexswimguy:
Diving continues to take center stage at the FINA World Championships, with three events down and two big ones to go.
... plus Matthieu Rosset of France, who will be one of your leading competitors in the 3-Meter Springboard.  Watch for his results.
Name: Matthieu Rosset
Date of Birth: May 26, 1990 (Gemini)
Hometown: Lyon, France
Height/Weight: 5'7"/141 lbs
Sport: Diving
--- 2015 World Championships 10th place, 1-Meter Springboard
--- 2013 World Championships 6th place, 1-Meter Springboard
--- 2012 Olympics 15th place, 3-Meter Springboard