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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Header. Tell us what you think

Over the next few weeks, we will be changing up the first pic you see when you visit our blog.  Our point is to have some visual impact and to be inviting.  On the other hand, we still want some of our great features to be visible on the first screen, so we are going to a narrower header.  

Also, remember we are essentially a sports site, for pics and comment on athletes who have made an impact on their own bodies, some on the world stage, as an inspiration for us.  Sports pics and comment.  

Tell us what you think of these pics!   Which one would you select for the new header?  Leave a comment








muscleman.4me said...

although it is cool to mix it up with new display pics, i thought the original display pic was very hot!! it is a classic piece, which i had always identified with Speed o Rex. it became your trademark!! perhaps, if there was a series of pics with those same Men, but in a different scene, that would be a great new header for Speed o Rex!! with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

Xersex said...

You could change them cyclically: I do that every month on my blog. Your header pics are so great!

Joe Rizzo said...

i would chose either 1 or 4

legging lover said...

foto 6

legging lover said...

foto 6

Cергей Михалёв said...

I am cyclist. That is why I choose pics #6 with cyclists.

Xersex said...

Out topic: love the profile of Cергей Михалёв. he looks so sexy!