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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Quebec: Pierre-Yves Gigou

Pierre-Yves Gigou was born on January 19, 1987, and counts as his hometown lovely Sherbrooke, Québec.  He competes in Triathlons and Ironman competitions, and is fortunate to earn his living as a Triathlon coach.  He has competed in Triathlons since 2002.  He states: 

I started sports at the age of 7 months when I managed to hoist myself on two legs and fling myself forward at full speed until a wall stopped me J.  After that, once I received my first tricycle, I was able to perform in many criteriums around the family dining table… luckily at the age of 5 I started judo and was able to get rid of that surplus of energy in a more structured manner.  I practiced judo for 5 years, with a little branch out towards Aikido. 

At 7 years old, I started table tennis (which I played for 5 years) and at 10 years old I started tennis (which I played for 3 years).  At 13, I started playing handball, which I kept playing in until I was 18. 

During my adolescence, I also did roller blading, wind surfing, badminton, and rugby.  I also got the chance to do track and field (School Championship, France), cross-country, and soccer… basically, I was unstoppable.  At 14, my dad finally brought me to the scooter shop to get me a bike, which sure didn't help. 

As I was excelling in multiple sports, it just made sense that I start triathlon.  So at 16, I completed my first spring distance triathlon and was hooked.