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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Trevor Adams III (with friend)

Sergi Constance
Trevor Adams is more than just a pretty face.  He grew up in a very poor family.  He went to 13 different schools before graduating 12th grade.  Often, the family had no place to stay.  Usually, they had nothing to eat.  Trevor started working at age 8 to support his financially struggling parents.  People always told him he should model, but it wasn't until his mother dragged him to an agent, at age 20, that his career was born.  Now, a decade later, we are so glad he embarked on this career... 


Xersex said...

so sexy set!

thanks for your comment here

muscleman.4me said...

i am really loving the pics of Trevor Adams, but this pic is Sergi Constance: i love receiving the speedorex newsletters everyday, and i wish i had more time to comment. i get so swamped with running my yahoo/ groups and checking email, i rarely have time. with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

Rex said...

Great hearing from you Wes! Thanks for the correction. While I thought it might be Trevor, I thought it probably wasn't. I am glad you helped out.
I am also glad you are enjoying the email with the blog posts! It is a convenient way to get entire posts and pics in full size. Life keeps us both fairly busy, so I am glad you had time to comment! Thanks.