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Monday, February 29, 2016

USA Diving featuring "Steele" Johnson

by Rexswimguy:

Every four years, we look forward to getting to know all of our new Olympians.  And, one diver you can almost certainly assume will be one of those Olympians is Steele Johnson.   

He cleaned up at the NCAA Championships last March, representing his alma mater the Purdue Boilermakers,  and followed that up with a promising performance at the World Championships in July.  

Watch for him as the U.S. Olympic Diving Team Trials approach in June.

Name: Steele Johnson
Date of Birth: June 16, 1996 (Gemini)
Hometown: Carmel, Indiana, USA
Currently: West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
College:  Purdue University
Height/Weight: 6'0"/134 lbs

Sport: Diving

--- 2015 World Championships 5th place, 10-meter synchronized
--- 2015 NCAA Championships 1st place, 1-meter
--- 2015 NCAA Championships 1st place, 10-meter