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Friday, March 25, 2016

NCAA Basketball Tourney Update!

by Rexswimguy: March Madness resumes tonight, sportsfans, with the Sweet Sixteen.  And, it's a quadruple-header both tonight and tomorrow night, so don't miss it!

2016 NCAA Basketball Tournament - Sweet Sixteen
(Eastern Time)

Thursday, March 24
7:10 PM: Miami vs. Villanova, CBS
7:37 PM: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma, TBS
9:40 PM: Maryland vs. Kansas, CBS
10:07 PM: Duke vs. Oregon, TBS

Friday, March 25
7:10 PM: Iowa State vs. Virginia, CBS
7:27 PM: Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame, TBS
9:40 PM: Gonzaga vs. Syracuse, CBS
9:57 PM: Indiana vs. North Carolina, TBS

... plus Duke's big man, senior #40 Marshall Plumlee.  Will tonight be the final game of his career, or will he lead his team on to the Elite Eight?  Watch tonight and see.


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