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Friday, April 29, 2016

Joe's Jocks

Very Fit David Gonzalez

... fitness guru and physique competitor David Gonzalez:

Hometown: Bensenville, IL

Current city: Arlington Heights, IL

Years training: 14

Education:  College (Associates degree in Marketing along with a degree in Computer Networking)

Occupation: Sales Operations Supervisor with CDW (IT Technology Company)

Favorite type of training: Strength and Conditioning

Favorite body part to train: Back

Favorite exercise: Bent over T-bar rows

Rep range: 8-10 on heavier days, 12-15 on lighter days.

Number of sets: 4-5 sets

"In my free time, I enjoy free hand drawing; primarily using pencil, charcoal, or pastels.
I’m a big movie buff – Action, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Adventure, Crime, Epics/Historical, War, and Science Fiction.
Big time gamer – Call of Duty Series, Gears of War Series, Batman Arkham Asylum, Resident Evil Series, Halo Series to name a few.
Utilize my community service day each year from my current employer for volunteer work."