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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Speedo Clad DW Chase

Model: DW Chase

From his Model Mayhem page:

"I am not one of those dumb models on here just to make friends. I have a college education, a hard working “real” job, plus another full time journalism career. That being said I have been modeling since 2006, and while it is a hobby and something I really enjoy, I take it very seriously. I enjoy the artistic collaboration the most about modeling because it allows me to be creative in ways my other work doesn’t. Because I have been published in a few places and because I am so busy I am pretty choosy whom I work with. You must present me with ideas and concepts before I will even consider working with you. Shoots must be scheduled AT LEAST a month in advance, I have 6 jobs an (sic) finding time is very dificult (sic). I will talk to your previous models and see if they recommend you. And due to a few bad experiences I expect edited photos in less than a month (I think that is more than reasonable). My rates, they are on a sliding scale, we can discuss that after you present the idea.