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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Speedorex Ninth Anniversary

Abraham Garcia
Phil Fusco
Kris Kranz
Cristiano Ronaldo
William Johansson
Changing, unchanging, always the locker-room... We know a little about locker-rooms here.  First published on April 10, 2007, we are celebrating 9 years of bringing the best of sports talk, athlete pics, and other topics and pics of interest to you!  Thanks for all your support

3 comments: said...

Many happy returns!

Xersex said...

again best wishes!

Cергей Михалёв said...

Locker rooms are always hot, because it is a lot of muscled bodys, testosterones, hairy legs, smell of males, dicks, buttocks, chests, unsheved faces, sport`s clothes, smell of foot. Dick in the locker room always hardens. Fuck!