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Saturday, April 02, 2016

We All Are One, Who Are Now As A Team

We all are one
Who are now as a team
And we all work together
Whether hidden or seen

We all share our talents
That's what man is made for
Plus the tricks up our sleeves
That brings us personal high score

As we're working together
We are now building trust
And we chime in when needed
Whether maybe or must

As we're open for reaching
And we're open to share
We've all now come together
As true people who care

We are now building a team
And expanding much more
Maybe someday we'll even
Have expanded shoreline to shore

As we're building our trust
And we all know we care
We can now do great things
That before, we wouldn't dare

As we keep reaching further
And we're all heart to heart
We've all now become one…….
All the way from ending……… back through our start

-by Orinda the Natural